Managed WordPress Hosting

If you’re looking for a business or personal web site, you probably want to use WordPress as the software to host that site.  If you have a specific need (like online forums which we specialize in, having hosted forums for over 20 years) we can quote that separately.

  • First Site Hosted: $45/month
  • Each additional site: $15/month

We don’t limit how many page views you get, or bandwidth, or storage.  We don’t offer “unlimited” resources either.  Our guideline is this: be reasonable.

If you want to host a reliable, secure, fast web site for business or personal use, we’ll happily do that.  If you want to build a competitor to Youtube, or try and use this web site to store terabytes of data as an inexpensive backup solution, then you’re in the wrong place.

(And yes, we can provide you with a license for Elementor Pro.)

Why WordPress?

WordPress is free software that runs more than 40% of the sites on the Internet.  It’s our default hosting option, for reasons that include:

  1. User-Friendly CMS: WordPress is known for its user-friendly content management system (CMS), which means you can manage your website’s content without needing extensive technical knowledge.

  2. Customization: With thousands of themes and plugins, WordPress allows for a high degree of customization to create a unique look and functionality for your business website.

  3. SEO-Friendly: WordPress sites are structured in a way that is conducive to search engine optimization (SEO). There are also many SEO plugins that can help improve your visibility in search engine results.

  4. Cost-Effective: WordPress itself is free to use, although you might incur costs for premium themes, plugins, or hosting services. It remains a cost-effective solution for many businesses.

  5. Responsive Design: Many WordPress themes are responsive by default, meaning your site will be automatically optimized for mobile devices, an essential factor as mobile usage continues to rise.

  6. Regular Updates and Improvements: The WordPress platform is updated regularly, providing new features, security improvements, and bug fixes.

  7. Large Community and Support: WordPress has a vast community of users and developers, making it easy to find support, tutorials, and forums for any questions or issues that might arise.

  8. Scalability: WordPress sites can grow with your business, from simple blogs to complex e-commerce sites, supporting a wide range of media types and large amounts of content.

  9. E-commerce Integration: If your business plans to sell products or services online, WordPress can be easily integrated with WooCommerce, a powerful and popular e-commerce plugin.

  10. Multilingual Support: WordPress supports multiple languages, which can be beneficial if your business operates in different regions or you’re targeting a global audience.

  11. Security: With regular updates and many available security plugins, WordPress provides a secure platform for your business site, though it’s essential to follow best practices for keeping it secure.

  12. Social Media Integration: WordPress allows for easy integration with social media platforms, which can enhance your marketing efforts and help you reach a wider audience.

By offering a combination of ease of use, flexibility, and a broad range of features, WordPress is well-suited for businesses looking to establish a robust online presence.

What is Managed Hosting?

WordPress is great, but there are a few issues with it:

  1. While using WordPress is relatively simple, you probably don’t want to have to learn to manage the site, then remember how to update the site when you’re only touching it every few months.  We do that for you.
  2. To make simple changes – removing one employee and adding another, replacing your patient intake form with a newer one, or just modifying a menu to add a new link – we can do that for you.  Send us an e-mail, we’ll create a ticket, and we’ll get it done.
  3. WordPress is very secure as long as it is updated regularly.  The proper way to do this is to update the software and plugins weekly, and when vulnerabilities are found in plugins to update those as quickly as possible.  That’s what you pay us for.

When we host your site, what we’re “managing” is:

  • Backups, performed nightly and stored off-site.  We encourage you to download these yourself if you need to.
  • The technical stuff.  We:
    • Install, configure, and manage the software on the server,
    • Purchase the site and renew it annually (if needed)
    • Manage DNS settings
    • Make sure your site is cached properly and stays fast and responsive
    • Perform regular updates – at least every week, and often every day
  • Software selection and management.  Need a plugin added to tie in to your calendar?  A gallery plugin to show images?  Software to allow you to sell lessons?  We’re here to make recommendations and then install your choice.
  • Regular updates.  We won’t write your web site for you (though we may be willing to take that on as a project), but updates and simple changes (like changing wording, images, attachments, tweaking how your pages are listed in the menu, or adding a page that you’ve pre-written and provided as a Word or PDF file) are handled free of charge.