Our Vision

Your computer infrastructure should just work. When something bad happens, you should be up and running in the shortest amount of time possible. Regardless of what happens, your data should always be recoverable. While we recognize that it’s impossible to prevent all negative outcomes, every reasonable step should be taken to prevent unauthorized data access or outright data loss.

Reliable, secure IT solutions are not something you can buy and never think about again, even with an unlimited budget. Keeping things running smoothly requires an initial risk evaluation, implementation of adequate controls, constant monitoring, regular testing, timely installation of security updates, and ongoing maintenance. Complete documentation should be available to you, the client, in case of disaster and you need someone else to take over.

I offer this service, plus remote support for your users, for a fixed price per month for each device I manage. If things are an absolute mess when you hire me then I will give you the option of a fixed-price labor contract to get things up to specification, or you can simply sign a long term contract. Should you choose to cancel the contract early the cancellation fee will be a pro-rated bill for the initial labor I invested in your business when I took you on as a client.

Wellbuilt Networks’ Perspective

Many vendors are selling Cloud this, or Cloud that. I only offer cloud services when it makes sense to do so (like hosted encrypted e-mail, HIPAA compliant chat applications and off-site encrypted backups.)

Data is security and integrity are our highest priority. With experience in healthcare, law and accounting, we understand the confidentiality requirements of your business. We have developed a healthy paranoia about insuring your data is available even if a disaster strikes and securing your data such that data breaches are minimized as much as possible.

Wellbuilt Networks is built around keeping your IT infrastructure running so well you never need to think about it, and providing a level of service so high that you will never consider a different provider. I am not a salesman. I make no commissions. I also have no desire to see you waste money on pointless upgrades. As such, I will recommend cost-effective solutions whenever possible. When new hardware is required I can send you a link to the device I recommend, I can buy it outright and mark it up a fixed percentage, or I can purchase it and lease it to you. You decide.

We prefer simple, robust, well-tested, affordable solutions. Some people find new technology desirable. We find reliable, predictable systems that never fail are much more desirable.


Every client is unique, but generally pricing is as follows:

We charge $62 per month for each desktop/laptop. This includes:

  • Installing our remote monitoring and management software
  • Keeping all mainstream applications updated to resolve security vulnerabilities as they are detected
  • Managing security on that computer, including managed antivirus, endpoint detection and response, blocking access to harmful web sites, blocking access to inappropriate web sites, and protecting you from e-mail based attacks
  • Managing backups to insure they are occurring as scheduled and testing these backups to insure everything is working properly
  • Delaying software updates until we are certain they will not negatively affect your productivity
  • Serving as an intermediary between your business and your other IT vendors
  • Monitoring performance so we can make cost-effective upgrade recommendations
  • Providing end-user support for that device and the standard software you use

Please note that detailed troubleshooting of applications or web services unique to your business may not be included.

We are happy to manage servers, network hardware and network attached storage devices as well. Those services require a custom quote.

We are happy to manage and configure third-party services like encrypted e-mail, HIPAA compliant chat applications, and microsoft Office subscriptions. We simply pass our costs on to you as a separate line item on your monthly invoice.