Keep Working During the Pandemic

As I write this companies in Statesboro deemed “nonessential” face misdemeanor charges if they are open for business. Essential businesses are having people stay home for 14 days if they (or a family member) show symptoms that suggest they may have COVID-19. Our first case of COVID-19 was diagnosed in Statesboro last week.

If you still need to get work done despite social distancing measures, or you need to work while in a voluntary quarantine, and you still need to comply with HIPAA or access internal company resources like shared documents, then we can help.

We can give your employees the ability to remotely access their office computer over a secure connection in less than two hours. We charge $112 to set up the connection on both machines (the office machine, and the home computer we will pair it with), and after the first month we charge $10 per month to maintain the secure connection. This does not require an in-person visit.

Current clients will be charged the same $10 per month, but the installation fee is waived.

Please reach out if you would like more information: 912-852-4023.