Hosting Options

The packages on this page are built around publishing content that is primarily text. If you go viral, or your product is featured on a morning show and 100,000 people all view your shopping cart at the same time then don’t worry. A previous client did this to us with no warning and everything performed fine. We built our platform in the hope you go viral.

Most clients will start on a standard platform like WordPress, Joomla, or Magento and grow from there. Our platform works perfectly for these standard solutions (and simplifies them with automatic installers.) We also have extensive experience with online communities so if your site grows into something greater over time we will be happy to grow your services as your needs increase.

All options include:

  • We will not cancel your account due to pressure from those who disagree with you.
  • No long-term contracts.
  • No lock-in.
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee.
  • Support for all main-stream publishing platforms.
  • No cap on visibility – unlimited page-views, visitors, no hard caps on bandwidth used, etc.
  • 10+ gigabytes of data storage (web site, database, e-mail stored on server)
  • Up to 3 domains and 4 MySQL databases
  • Up to 10 e-mail accounts (please see our article on e-mail)
  • Intuitive control panel access to your server
  • Automatic installation of Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates
  • We make backups simple and encourage you to maintain a copy of your data that you control.
  • If you need help, we are here via e-mail and telephone. Hands-on support isn’t necessarily free, but it’s available on relatively short notice.


  • I have Something to Say: $35 per month. Sign up, configure your site (or restore a backup from your previous host) and go. Simple, easy, reliable, fast.
  • I bring lots of views and lots of drama: $100 per month. If the Internet Hate Mob is after you and it is almost certain that we will be dealing with fake DMCA notices and attacks on our reputation for enabling awful people like you, (because your views aren’t mainstream) then this is your package. It’s essentially the same as the base-level package with a triple the storage, but you’re mostly paying for us to deal with those who will try and censor you. Please see our article on DDoS prevention before you go live with your site, or open a help ticket before your site goes live.
  • Hold my hand: $225 for up to 3 hours of prepaid labor. Sometimes you want to pay someone to deal with all of this Internet and hosting stuff so you don’t need to. This is 3 hours of labor and assistance, prepaid, that expires 90 days after purchase. Hands-on support, as soon as possible. Support is provided by our staff in Rural Georgia – please be mindful of our time zone.