Be Heard

We believe that Diversity of Opinion is important. Unfortunately we find ourselves in a world where Diversity is praised as the highest goal, while views outside of a the prevailing opinion are regularly censored. We believe this is wrong. We are here to help.

We will provide you a platform regardless of your views provided:

  • Your site does not participate in criminal activities. Arguing that certain varieties of plants should be legal is fine; actively shipping seeds of those plants across state lines is not.
  • You do not spam, host malicious content, participate in get-rich-quick schemes, participate in fraud, etc.
  • You are not serving pornography, erotica, or content that simply serves a prurient interest. This content has its place, but its place is not here.
  • You do not dox. Billy Badguy may be awful, he may have power, and he may be abusing his power terribly. Saying so is fine. Going on to say that he lives at 123 Residential Way and his children attend Innocent Elementary and it would be awful if something happened to them is the sort of behavior that will get you turned off immediately. Speech is OK, calls to action are OK, but calls to violence against individuals is not something we will host.

The general rule is this: you have a right to share your opinion, regardless of how far from the mainstream you are. You may be right, in which case the world deserves to hear from you. You may be dangerously stupid, in which case the world needs to know to be wary of you. In either case, you deserve to be heard.

At wellbuiltnetworks, we believe in Free Speech.