WellBuiltNetworks is a Manager Service Provider in Southeast Georgia.

Our approach to IT services is straightforward:

  1. Work to understand your business and how your IT infrastructure helps accomplish your goals.
  2. Design a solution that meets your needs and allows for growth.
  3. Proactively maintain that solution by continuously tracking performance, monitoring security threats, patching software, and verifying that your data is safe and your business can continue to operate if the unthinkable happens.

We are profitable when you are happy and everything is running smoothly.  Our business processes are designed to keep you in that state, and to recommend upgrades only when they are truly necessary because your existing infrastructure simply can’t keep up any more.  

To insure that things run smoothly we work hard to design solutions that are simple, robust, secure, and age well.  Complexity is often the enemy of reliability, and reliability is our number one goal.

We will never attempt to sell you a solution you do not need.  We charge a straight 25% mark-up on hardware, and the software licenses we resell are generally priced at retail and are sold for your convenience, so we don’t feel bad if you want to shop around and buy something yourself as long as it has the right specifications.

Our focus is primarily on companies that require HIPAA compliance.  While we generally allow client preferences to guide our implementations, we expect recommendations regarding security and  HIPAA compliance to be taken seriously.  If we are recommending something that is more complex and less convenient, then it is because the regulatory risk associated with not following our recommendation is too high.  If you have a much looser view of HIPAA compliance than we do, then we will transition you to another provider with an outlook that matches yours.

If you have questions, please feel free to call: 912-852-4023.  You’ll talk to someone who cares a lot about systems and uptime, who is not a salesman.